You might be reading this or might not...I write this because I'm too coward to say it in your face... It was never my intention to hurt you or insult your feelings, I really feel attracted to you,I am the problem, it's my opinion of myself who has the issue with your way to see the world.

I been in your shoes, but we act in diferent ways, the way I see you is the way I wish some one sees me, is the way I wish see myself.

Don't have enough words to explain you how much i give up on me, this might sound like an exageration of the circunstances, but this is the way I feel inside, this is how I am and I can't change it even if I try.

have no regrets of talking to you or knowing you, actualy, I feel bless to have the chance to have you in my life just for a while, but again, my own opinion of me is the one who take me step a side an let you move on.

Maybe you don't even have this feeling, maybe you don't even care of what I'm doing, and I wish it to be so, thats maybe makes me feel a little less guilty. Some one once told me that I couldn't be happy whit someone if I'm not happy with myself but I promise you and even more importan for myself I will get the enough self esteem to love and be love in return.

xoxo A.