i love the sky when they're full with clouds or stars
i love to look at it
i love how it reminds me of freedom feels
i love how it reminds me my first kiss
i love how i don't need to listen to anything
i love that i can listen to everything and listen to nothing at once
i love that i can do cut in my hearing and just listen to nothing
i love the music that's play
i love his smile sensitivity and excitement
i love that he ain't no snob to me even though we never talked other than texts
i love to imagine we can be together even though reality is the exact opposite, and it's okay it will forever remain like that with every boy, and i'm okay with it
i love the wind
i love my books
i love my whiskey
i love most of my family
i miss my grandpa
i love my dog
i love my friends
i love how they're so spontanic and accepting people
i love how happy they are
i love life and i'm no longer afraid of death
i love