I'm sorry for all the bullshit I give to you😔
I'm sorry for being annoying; rude and mean to you😖
I'm sorry that i don't say thank you enough😟
But thank you for everything..thank you for putting up with me😘
Thank you for being there for through everything😙
Thank you for loving me and thank you for never leaving my side😚
Thank you for being there💎when nobody else was❌
I love you mom💖😍💞


seeing your mother smile😊

a mother's hug💕

when your mother is one of your best friends👩💋👧

Mom....you are the best👌 and will always be the greatest 💘mom in the world🌍

I love my mom so so much😍i hope she will be my side forever💗🌷

So if you love your mother heart❤️this article.

And now go tell your mother i love you so so much🍭 make your mom smile😇

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