Jessica Jung was a integrant of Girls' Generation(the group who we talk about yesterday),for 8 years,this is a bit ''funny'' cuz the Soshis was 9 and after the Jessica out the group stil with 8 in your 8 year,and this is are the point,after Jessica leave the SNSD she's start the career of your life,fashion designer,now you ask me the motive of Jessica leave the group,cuz the company(SM Entertainment) want the money of Jessica shop (Blanc & Eclare),and Jessica don't want this so she's leave the group,but she's like a Phoenix,she's alive in the musical industry now,with your first solo song and album(FLY & With love J) and your recent album ''my decade'' with the main song called ''summer storm'',she's like a Coco Channel of 21st centurie,she's leave your confort zone to run for your only dreams,i love Jessica and Girls' Generation i wish all the good things to her^^