HEY! This is going to be my first (OMFG!) article and I´m so excited to share it with you. I really hope you can enjoy it and maybe my tips will help you. ♥︎

Be confident!

Wear your outfit with confidence and a big smile. Everybody says it, but it´s so important, that YOU feel good and bomb in your outfit. When you are shy and aren't really sure, if it really looks good, what you're wearing, it will reflect on the clothes you're wearing. You look wonderful, sweetheart :)

Combination is everything

Our starting point is now a blue jeans and a basic white shirt. When you wear it together it looks like nothing special, a bit boring. Go thru your closet and take a cardigan (in winter a big, cozy one) and wear it over your shirt. Maybe pair a great necklace, big earrings or whatever you find and I promise you, it won't look boring at all.

Don´t look too cheap

It´s also a point of combination. I personally want my outfits too look more expensive, than they actually are. You don´t need o buy expensive brand clothes, it´s an art of combination. The brand clothes often look more expensive because they actually are more expensive, but try to find matching pieces. Pair f.e. grey sweatpants with a white blouse and the look isn't that lazy. I will write another article about looking expensive and stuff like that, if you want to.

Be brave!!

Try clothes out, which you aren´t sure you should wear. Maybe you want to wear a very short top, but you are scared of the reaction of the others. Let the haters talk and go confident trough the world.

Don´t be like the others

Isn´t it too boring to exactly look like the others ? Just because the cool girl in your class says she doesn´t like f.e. white jeans you can wear white jeans. The trend at my school are these red- white Levis Shirts and literally EVERYBODY wears them! I don´t have such a shirt like this, because I don't wanna be similar to he others. That doesn't mean you have to dye your hair blue, just to don´t be like the others. Even not to buy a shirt because everybody has it is a good step to be not like the others :)

These were my 5 tips for STYLE. I will do another article how to make a look more expensive with less effort and write more articles. Hope you liked it :)