Today I'm just wanting to say that everyone goes through rough times. I certainly have, but during those times people always told to talk about it. That talking would make me feel better, but the truth is I didn't want to talk to my friends. I didn't want them to know what was happening and I really didn't want to talk to the school counselor. I mean no offense or anything, but I like to just deal on my own. Then I reached a point in time where everything was all bottled up, I couldn't handle it, and needed to talk. The only thing that stopped me was the fact I couldn't talk to counselor about what was going on, literally. Plus I didn't want my friends judging the people involved in the situation, me or them worrying. So I let all my emotions build slowly. then every now and then I would brake down or even lose it. Which often resulted in making my situation worse. so what I'm saying that I wish I had to talk to, give me advice, be there for me, listen, and not judge me. Then I thought why don't I be that person for others I give my friend and even people I don't know advice and a shoulder to cry on why not other teens that I can I relate to. So You guys feel free to text me on here and I'll be there for you no strings attached.