this boy, so tall yet invisible
always at the back of the class, silent.
so inert, yet sensible
always alone because he chose to.
this boy, with his stone face
rather glass
walking with his strange glance
silent and alone
in a place of his own
in this world so loud.
so loud for so silent boy

coincidence it was that he started to talk
with me. why me?
me, laughting like a dork
at everything, at everybody.
his heart melt i saw it in his eyes
blue. oh, i prefer dark
so pure, no tricks, no lies
this boy let me in

his brain works like a computer
i love to watch him as he thinks
oh, i find him cuter and cuter
with his narrow shoulders and messy hair.
light and curly, kinda sheepy
what i perfect face i hadn't noticed
he is always so sleepy
what does he dream of?

he says: i'll help you with math, come to my house
i bet i'm the first girl in his life.
he's so bubbly, not a grey mouse
such an untouched soul.
math books on his shelves
he talks more, i'm suprised
he more reveals himself
such an honour
for me to be there

we become friends and get close
so innocent, our first love.
he's so handsome with his pointy nose
and beautiful small lips.
i hug him and hear his heart
i'm so small compared to him.
now i know i fell so hard
for this boy.
now my boy.

our love is pure, just as his heart of glass
so fragile, so shiny, so beautiful
all the subtle looks, we're in the same class
helping each other to grow.
our first kiss was such a cute mess
he's such a sweet boy and a gentleman
treating me like his princess
i feel like we're meant
to be


thanks for reading, hope you like it :-) i just wanna say english is not my mother tongue so be patient with me please. btw, this was written for my boyfriend one night. i was half asleep writing it. it is truth.