Her mother was like ˝I'm not eating bread if it's from yesterday˝ and she got up very early every morning just to buy her bread. If there were leftovers her mother didn't want to eat it so she had to prepare a special meal just for her. She took humiliation form her father every single day because she didn't want to fight him. He acted as if she was his servant and she went with it because she's too kind. She picked the hardest level on her final exams for college application even though she knew they were too hard for her, just because her dad wanted her to. She applied to college in the first place just because her dad told her she was worthless and lazy. Her parents told her that she could apply to one college, but if she wanted to transfer to another she had to transfer to the same grade and not the previous one because she mustn't be behind other people her age. She complied. And she wasn't happy.

My point is, you should never let someone dictate your life. You have to understand that the choices you make are there for life; some of them cannot be undone. Others won't have to live with it, you will. It's not others whom you have to make happy, it's yourself. So be selfish. Fight for yourself and do things for yourself. Be strong. Be confident. Love yourself. You are so much more than you think you are.