I CAN NOT believe the school is gonna start in a few weeks. OMG I can't believe the Summer is gone! But I need to be real. I'm not sad like others teenagers are cuz my Summer wasn't so much fun. Actually was boring. I didn't go often to the beach or do some fun things that the rest wrold do in Summer. I mean, I travel to Porto,Viseu and Aveiro but I guess I didn't enjoy like I was supost to. The worst part of the Summer 2017 was I dind't hang out with my friends. I don't have real friends, I have so much "friends" but no one of them I enjoy to hang out. So I was a little bit sad watching every instagram story of them having fun and I was in my couch watching TV. I'm the only one?

Today, I look on my phone and said "1st september" and I was SHOOK!! Like, WHAT??? WHAT U MEAN 1ST SEPTEMBER??

The school is gonna start on a eye close and I promised myself to put my grades first! Besides I need to read a book with 720 pages and I didn't start yet. I'M NOT PREPARE!!!


I could be here complain that I have to read this stupid book but I have an idea. I'm gonna start tomorrow. New day, New chapter!

I know that if I did I'll loving myself and a long term if I can read all this book so this SUMMER WAS WORTH IT !!