Well, most of us have a sad part in our lives, that we don't really talk about. So I thought, that for my first post, I should talk about my experiences, because they are things I can easily explain. I've been through depression, and that's the advice I would give someone who's dealing with it right now.

Dealing with depression:

1 . Never underestimate the power of a phyciatrist
He is the person knowing all kinds of things and ways for you to solve your problems, plus he does not judge.

2 . Blocking negative thoughts
Negative thoughts are inevitable, but you can kind of block them. Catch yourself thinking them and tell yourself to stop. Then think about something positive, like a funny video you saw.

3 . Toxic people OUT!
I am talking about those a**holes that keep on being around you for some reason. Stop being near them, too. If a person is getting on your nerves, or ruining your day, they have no freaking reason to be in your life. You are the boss in your life.

4 . Toxic stuff also OUT!
You saw the news, a puppy died (Rest In Peperronies imaginery puppy) and you cried: NO, you don't watch the news on the first place. Or sad music/quotes/diaries/books/ex's photos or messages. Take these out of your life, so you don't get sad when you see them. You can store them somewhere out of sight.

5 . Positive stuff ^w^
Internet helps on this one. Explore songs with happier lyrics that empower you, or youtubers with funny/motivating/inspiring content. I used to watch Matthew Santoro and WheezyWaiter. You could also start new projects, they don't have to be huge, just built yourself small, daily adventures.

6 . Have patience
It took me years (3,5 actually). The cliche 'It will get better', is not a lie. You might not like where or how your life is right now, but you can't be sure about the way it will be in years from now. If you try as hard as you can, by doing changes, you'll get there one day. Put a foot on the ground and then the other, and you'll get there.

7 . Understand you are loved and important
Just the potential of your existence, no matter how small you consider it to be, is actually huge. I say I love everyone, and I would do anything I can even for a stranger and I am commited to what I am saying, so I love you, even if you don't love yourself right now. I'll help you love yourself, if you need me. You're really important; and I get that people are so many, so you might feel insignificant, but you can impact the world. You do that, without even knowing. So make a good one.

8 . Spead happiness
Just do it. You don't need a reason for that.

9 . As you get better, remember;
A healthy lifestyle, helps you to have a better attidude torwords life. Eat healthier, sleep reasonable hours and create a sleeping pattern, exercise (even by dancing like a crazy person for 5 minutes).

10 . As John Green said, pain demands to be felt
If someone broke your heart and he doesn't know, go tell him. If friends believe your fake smile, tell them it's fake. Feelings ain't flowers, you don't press them in a book and that's it. You say it, you cry for it, you smile for it, you understand it. Be selfish enough, to let yourself grieve. Punch a pillow, play darts, break teapots; just do something other than letting everything stay alive in your head. Don't let it make you it's prisoner. Drama only looks good in WHI photos, in real life, it's most of the times called hell.

11 . Distance your self from addictive things
Like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, coffee, tea (yes, it's addictive), too much sex. All that stuff that people are used in drowning their sorrows in. It's not an easy task, so seek the help of the professionals. Everything is awesome, in moderation.

12 . Don't harm yourself
I never did this, cause I never thought I would gain anything with it. Deep down, I wanted to get better (hopeless hope at the time). I had 2 voices in my head; the reasonable and the crazy, sad, twisted me. I guess you understand which I listened to. Everyone has their reasons, for doing things, but NEVER ever harm yourself. If you feel empty, you don't want to feel pain instead. It's tempting, but not worth it. People love you, you don't only harm yourself, but them too. And on top of that, you hurt the future you, the person who might live a beautiful, happy life.

So, basically that's all I can recall for now. I hope I helped someone by writting this. And now, everytime I feel blue, I am so glad for being able to say that it is temporary. You can do it too, just continue, no matter how hard it seems. It is now, when the hard work begins.

Love you all, thanks for the patience :')