No text. No call. No hi. No nothing. No one cares enough to even say, "hey your shoe's untied." That's how irrelevant some people treat others' lives. Like it doesn't matter. Like they don't exist. And no, people don't try. They have an uncontrollable bias to those they care about and those they just don't.

There are people begging for friends. Begging for someone to acknowledge their existence. Acknowledge that they're alive. Hoping someone at least says hi.

It's not that being bullied is easier because it's not. But don't forget while you're condemning someone for their mean words and actions, it's about what doesn't happen as well. Like you seeing that girl crying in the bathroom and walking away because it was "too awkward" for you to be around, so you didn't say anything and let her be alone. Or the guy who was obviously by himself at lunch, but you just glanced and looked away. Oh, and how about the time you saw that person's face fall but they tried covering it up with a smile when they heard the "harmless" joke told about them by someone else.

Bullies aren't the only ones who hurt other people. Because sometimes people who haven't said or done anything at all can leave the worst kind of pain.

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