so my last article got 500+ likes which in my opinion is great, so thank you to all the people who read it and liked it you're pretty cool in my book. Today is September 1st. It actually feels like the 4th of July was yesterday i swear i can still hear the fire works. I'm super excited for fall and all(hey that rhymed) but with September comes school for me. I like school sometimes. I get to see my friends and dances and games are so much fun. I do very well in school too. I just don't like to do work. also i'm going to a new school this year which is awesome. i'm still going to all of my old school's activities though so it's not too bad. on the bright side it's finally cold enough where i live to wear boots, long socks, leggings, and sweaters which i love. it's also cuddle season so me and my blanket will be nice and cozy together lol. here's to September 1st and autumn coming soon