Old songs, books full of glowing poetry and random stuffs. That's what you are going to find here.

Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon-Urge Overkill
I’ve fell in love with this song in Pulp Fiction. The rhythm, the deep voice of the singer, everything in this song please me. Plus, it fits perfectly the movie.

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• Strangest Thing- The War On Drugs
You cannot not fell under the charm of this beautiful song. It starts calm and smooth, until the entry of the guitar solo, which is a pure eargasm. I love it.

• Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts- Funkadelic
This one changed me. I don’t know how, I don’t why, but it did. Just listen to it.

• Yer Blues- Dirty Mac
A temporary group made of God John Lennon, God Mitch Mitchell, God Eric Clapton and God Keith Richards. Presented by John Lennon and Mick Jagger eating Mac n’ Cheese. What more do you want?

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• San Francisco- Scott Mckenzie
A song about San Francisco, the place of predilection for hippies in the late 60’s. I love the summer -peaceful vibes there is to it.

• Le temps de l’amour- Françoise Hardy
A simple song about young love. Discover this one on the movie Moonrise Kingdom. Must watch.

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Go check my spotify if you liked these songs! :https://open.spotify.com/user/sarouhhh07
•Psyche in a Dress- Francesca Lia Block
Oh, dear god. This goddamn beautiful book. I bought it for 1 $ and thought it looked nice, the resume seemed like another love story, but when you start reading it, oh man. This book is so full of radiant poetry, it transports you on a beautiful fantasy, but in the same time it is reality. It is about love, but most importantly to love yourself.

• The Lords and the new Creatures- Jim Morrison
A book of poems made by my favorite poet, James Douglas Morrison.
His vision of things is such a raw, unique one, I adore it, I adore him.

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• Water
Drink as much water as possible. It is good for you and your body.

• Meditate
Try to initiate yourself to meditation. Whenever you got time, relax, put some incense if you want, and meditate. You will feel so much better after it.

• The Messy Heads
They are a bunch of nice folks who post inspiring posts, I am absolutely in awe of them. They inspired me to do this post, in fact. Go check them out: https://themessyheads.com/

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• Be authentic
Don’t ever change for someone. Ever. Be true to yourself, and you’ll see who really appreciate your real self.

• Love
Say I love you to your parents, hug your close friends, say to the person on the street that you find their jacket beautiful, bring love with you everywhere you go. At school, at home, even at supermarket. Be grateful for what you have and share the love.

So that’s it for this article, it ended up being longer than I thought, let me know if you enjoy it and if you want more in the future!

Love you all,

Sarah xx