I have heard about this big, bright space
Where you won't feel misplaced
It is like the heart of earth
Where girls can like girls
And rasism hasn't got a voice
Black and white, it is all beautiful
There isn't a wrong way to have breast
They are all being blessed
Trans are not seen as a burden
We can all walk hand in hand

A place without any thunder or blunder
So many sparkling lights
Where all genders are raised the same
And there is no need to march for love
Because everyone is worth enough
No more hurting in your head
There is only pride in religion
No fighting over irrational shit
As luck would have it

The more I think about this place
The more I realise we need a lot of love
Babe, we need to be carefree

We're going to happyland
The place to be free
Run around, it is all positivity
We're going to get there.... I swear
So come on and take my hand
I'll bring you to happyland