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4. Hazel

dark, eyes, and green image
This Eye Color is an Uncommon Shade.

You are pretty Lucky if you have this Eye Color!

You are Strong, Secretive, and Sensitive. Also, you posses a Strong Physical Strength and Stamina. You tend to do things when the time is right for you.

5. Grey

girl, Calvin Klein, and beauty image
Maybe a rare and Uncommon Eye Color.

This Eye Color means you might sometimes be Cursed with Intense Inner Problems of Different Emotions.You will find it pretty Hard to make Decisions.

However, no matter what Situation or Hard Struggle, you'll become Stronger and Stronger.

6. Light Colors

Abusive image beautiful, colors, and eyes image eyes, blue, and pink image

People with Lighter Shades of Brown, Green, Blue, or Etc. are Sensitive to others Sadness than they are Themselves. You will Aid others to comfort.

You guys are very Friendly and Happy go Lucky. Also, very Enthusiastic is another way to define you. They will lift your spirits and make you much happier!