Hello people of WHI! I wanted to start something new for writers here; sharing what our books are about, where they're available and try to build an audience. I use WHI to get inspired to write, and I think these articles can be used to our advantage. So this article is going to be all about my book; you'll learn about the characters, what it's about and where you can find it.

Infinity Is Beyond Us is my third novel and it falls under teen fiction/ ya contemporary. It's told through the point of view of two characters; a guy and a girl.

The book kicks off with my baby girl Kara Cancelliere, who is one of the most interesting character I've ever written about. Kara is seventeen years old and she's been in the boxing industry since she was thirteen. Her dream is to be an Olympic boxer and to be one of the best professional boxers in her country (England). She's very different yet similar to me; I'm definitely not a sporty person, but I can deal with writing about sport, especially about something as intense as boxing. It gives me this sort of adrenaline that makes the words come to me faster than I can write them down.

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The first scene I ever had in mind for her was her getting all bloody and knocked up at a boxing match. Clearly, my brain is a lovely, happy place. Kara is very stubborn; she's sometimes too proud to apologise, refuses to back down from anything and she's probably the character in love with life in this book, despite the crap she goes through. She always lives for the experiences, always looks to move forward and honestly, she's fearless in my opinion. With people around her, she has this sort of swagger to her that makes her so fun to write. She doesn't give an eff, she's carefree and her way of speaking just makes me scream "yes huntyyy" over and over in my head. She's lived under the illusion that she has a perfect life for a long time and after she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her sister, she truly sees how vulnerable she is under her fearless facade.

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Whenever I write her chapters, I always always listen to Sia. She strikes me as a Sia type of gal, and I can see her loving "The Greatest". "Alive", "Move Your Body", "Big Girls Cry" and "Cheap Thrills" also remind me of her. She's not a very artsy person, but I can see makeup and fashion being her hobby if she isn't hitting the gym. Something interesting (maybe it's just me) is how her character voice has moved from sometimes violent boxing metaphors to fire and flames. She's always been a pretty aggressive person and I think the fire metaphors describe that better than boxing metaphors.

The male protagonist is my boy, Theon Atwood. Honestly, Theon is my cinnamon roll. Like, I love him to death. Connecting to him was difficult at first because as a thirteen year old girl, it's pretty hard to write from an eighteen year old guy's perspective at first. But now, I think he adds a very important flavour to the story.

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Theon has been under the bus for a few months before this story starts. One of his best friends (and crush) died four months prior to the story and he never had the chance to tell her that he had feelings for her. He's very introverted and shy; he doesn't like talking to people out of his group of two friends- Noah and Bobby- and he avoids a lot of communication. He's pretty depressed at the start of the book; he's lost his passion for photography and he suffers clear signs of anxiety. He conceals it all under a solemn expression and he gets his inner turmoil out by smoking and drinking. Right from the start of planning the book, I knew that I didn't want him to be a bad boy. There are too many of those and I didn't want him to be a cardboard cutout; I wanted an ordinary guy that had a lot of emotions but was pressured by society to hide it and suffer silently. Theon is also heavily involved in his family's farming business and has worked on the farm behind his house since he can remember himself.

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Essentially, the book follows Kara and Theon falling apart and trying to piece it all back together. They're both heartbroken and trying to survive life day by day. Kara wants to land herself more boxing matches and get money and get into university, while Theon is still trying to comb through what he felt for his crush and the emotions he's locked inside of him for so long. Their journeys are different; Kara falls apart while Theon is healing (obviously, it's more complicated than that, this is just a vague overview). The book is called "Infinity Is Beyond Us" because I think it highlights how short life really is. There is no time to hesitate, there is no time to overthink, there is time to only _do_. Some of the characters really struggle with moving on, with accepting opportunities and putting themselves before everything else and I know a lot of people my age go through it. I know I went through it, and am still going through it. But this book is always here to remind me to grow some balls and get out of my comfort zone.

Some of the other characters I absolutely adore are Theon's two best friends, Noah Cooper and Bobby Gordon, and Kara's best friend, Sawm Violet. Noah is sort of the bad boy but with a twist; although he's had a hard past, it's the reason why he's kind to everyone. Despite the fact that he's a flirt and has commitment issues, he doesn't sleep with girls and then dump them. He takes lots of girls on dates, but it doesn't get more complicated than that. Noah also has a talent for baking and he loves sports like football and baseball (or rounders here in England). He's an absolute sweetheart and sometimes I just want to reach through the screen and give him a hug.

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Sawm, my girl Sawm! I feel like I don't write enough about her. She's also a twist on the generic characters in the ya culture; this time it's the good girl/nerd. Sawm is half Lebanese, one quarter Indian and one quarter English. Most ya heroines are pictured as tomboyish but Sawm is girly; she likes makeup, she likes clothes and shoes and bags and stuff. I'm not trying to make out like she's better than tomboyish ya heroines, but I'm trying to banish the "I'm not like other (girly) girls" thing. She's the smart one in the group, and she has a passion for poetry. She comes across as very energetic, very exciteable but you do not want to cross her. She has a remarkeable memory and can destroy your life with a few facts and some screenshots. She's a hard worker as well; the need to be the best has been drilled into her head since she was a little girl and now in her late teens/early adult life, she's struggling of not beating herself up over not being the best and not being jealous of others.

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And finally, my number one favourite (don't tell the others), Bobby Gordon. Bobby just vibes with me. Whenever the other four strut over to the gym to blow off some steam, he's always at the food bar, either drinking smoothies or flirting with girls and guys. He's an advocate for LGBT+ awareness; he's bisexual and his boyfriend, Karim, is gay. He wants to help make other countries allow same sex marriage and he's an openly bisexual guy. Bobby's another artistic soul; he loves writing and he lives and breathes music. His goal in life is to win a Grammy and to be a successful singer and songwriter. Despite his constant energy, Bobby has gone through a ton and I love showing the contrast between his personality and his past.

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This book is very near and dear to my heart and I am currently posting it on Wattpad. If you like what you've read so far, I would absolutely love it if you gave it a chance. Here's the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/113893428-infinity-is-beyond-us

I also post extras on my Instagram {antoana0502} and my twitter {antoana_m} (and I follow back) so if you want to get connected, feel free to DM or @ me.

One last thing; writers! Don't be afraid to share your work, both here and anywhere else. I've been afraid to advertise myself for a long time, and if you want feedback and publicity, you're going to have to work for it and have thick skin my friend. I am looking forward to see what the writing community shares here on WHI and hopefully we can get more people to talk about their novels.

All my love xx