Her ideally curved figure was led up by the striking city lights as she showed off her heels on the pavement. every step she took looked so elegant, like a fierce model walking the runway. The lights hit her glittery dress perfectly and the sparkles were blinding but alluring.

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From a distance it was hard to tell how she generally felt. A glimt of frustration was shown and I couldn't help but wonder if it was because of me. The buzzing sound of cars driving by wasn't exactly making it easier for me. Based on the beautifully put together cliche text she sent me last night, she really loved me.
But I could be wrong. That was the most difficult task. For the most part she was good at hiding emotions. Every time I asked her if something was wrong a bright smile played upon her lips. I just assumed that meant she was completely fine.

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I zoned out from my thoughts and looked ahead to the now pitch-black high end stores perfectly lined in front of me. The only light was coming from the street lights, giving spotlight to the most attention loving girl I knew. Her skin was glowing in the darkness giving her a mysterious look. I slowly felt my heart pound louder as my feet moved closer to her. Everything was set up like a perfect romance movie.

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I zoned out from that state of mind suddenly founding myself on the sunken coach in my isolated living room. A familiar rose scented perfume passed by. I quickly looked up only to see the brightest star looking down at me. It was her. She stared at me with her eyes wide open whispering to me word by word, "I guess it wasn't a dream after all"

So that was just a little short love story I came up with as I was writing. I feel like I'm going to cringe so bad at this in a few days (PS. english isn't my first language so sorry if somethings sounds a bit off) I used to love writing when I was younger but now I don't even write once a month. Sometimes I write just to practice and I feel like you need to read a lot to be good at writing. I used to read a lot but now I hate reading. I lowkey want to get back into writing but it feels like I lost the few skills I had. it would mean so much to me if you would give me criticism or tips on writing<33