My poetry - 'Rulers with invisible crowns'

We count our heavy days,
Waiting for some kind of salvation
And we feel lonely as always
So we escape to our imagination.

We get lost in our heads so fast
Because we want forever to stay
So happy when we are there at last.
We want reality to slip away.

Is that such a wrong thing to do?
You say we will end up all alone,
But so many dreamers are out there too.
They will never be gone.

And let me tell you one thing:
We are the ones who can bring
So much light, love and kindness
To fight against ignorance and darkness.

Trust me, we can change this reality,
We can fight against the gravity
That pulls us all down.
We are the rulers with invisible crowns.

We are strong.

- Mikaela

( I wrote this for all those who feel alone and misunderstood like I do.
I wrote this for all the wonderful people who dream about a better world. There is so many of us who feel this way...
I am so grateful my words can reach you. I hope it makes you feel a bit better. Don't ever give up on your beautiful hearts. )