For those of you who don't know, I have created a 30 day challenge for myself. I will be posting an answer every day for the month of September to let my fantastic followers, and anyone else who is interested, know a little bit more about me! #WhiChallenge

Here's a link to my original article of all the questions I will be answering-

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  • #1 List 20 random facts about yourself


1. I am a redhead
2. I am a senior in high school
3. I do aerial silks & aerial lyra
4. I am a night owl
5. I love to read & Write
6. I have a cat named MooMoo
7. I was a cheerleader both football and Allstar
8. I was a dancer- ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, pointe
9. I like vanilla ice cream over chocolate
10. Winter is my favorite season
11. I love pizza
12. I volunteer for a special needs cheer squad that my little sister is on
13. I'm a Harry Potter fanatic
14. I am a Ravenclaw
15. I want to go to the Art Institute of Atlanta for college to be an interior designer
16. I absolutely love Disney World
17.I am a Christian
18. I love makeup
19. Christmas is favorite holiday
20. I love to go skiing

That's my 20 random facts about me!! Hope you enjoyed.

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