With summer coming so close to an end I wanted to be able to write about the most worn and most seen styling pieces this summer before it's gone for good.

It seems like summer '17 was made for the kings and queens of denim and patterns. Let's begin with some of my personal favorites, shall we?

The Denim Skirt.

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I love the distressing at the bottom of the skirt. The wash,and the small details in the pockets, along with the previously mentioned fraying at the bottom, shape, and also give character to the individual skirt as a whole.
For the denim skirt to make a return to our every day street wear has been amazing in proving that style is repetitive, but it is safe to say that it comes back with a renewing freshness.

The Denim Jacket.

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It seems like this year has been the returning year for some of the biggest 80's and 90's trends, which I am for no reason complaining about.
These jackets have become such staple pieces in essential wardrobes of fashion minimalists. They have since then, captured the eyes of big fish like YSL and Gucci, both brands spinning new ideas off of the basic denim. I love how easy it is to transition a denim jacket from a summer wardrobe to a fall or winter wardrobe.

The Overall Dress.

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This. The overall dress along with just regular overalls have been one of the biggest things this summer, even among my friends and I. This summer I took it upon myself to go thrifting to find an actual retro pair of overalls and came out with just a dress. It was super long and I instantly fell in love with it. I paired it with a pastel pink t-shirt and got so many compliments. 10/10 would recommend.

Now for the second part. It feels like patterns are finally coming back in style and I am living for it. Though I adore them I understand that they can be incredibly hard to style, so here are some of my favorite ways, of course thoroughly explained by yours truly.


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Probably the biggest trend in pattern wear this summer is definitely gingham. One of the easiest ways to style pattern is by pairing very basic items along with them, this will definitely tone it down if you're not a pattern on pattern kind of person. But by all means, if you're more outgoing I can totally see someone rocking this skirt with an asymmetrical pattern layered on top.


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One of the most timeless patterns are definitely stripes. Every decade has taken it upon themselves to style them uniquely, whether it was a halter top in the 90's, or those big, billowy, button up shirts in the 80's. The stripe trend seems like it's not going anywhere, anytime. Since it seems like we're going to keep having to style these for a long time, here's some of my favorite ways:

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And lastly,


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Now I don't know if you would consider embroidery a pattern like I do, but it's being placed on every item of clothing it can possibly go on. Shoes, pants, skirts, even bags and shoes.

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Gucci Slides, $600

I personally own a few pieces that are embroidered... but I typically don't incorporate them into my every day wear. I have always seen it as something that should be very carefully styled, as it can easily look cheap and overdone.

What TO Wear

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A prime example of how embroidery should be styled. It's minimalist wear, yet it still draws attention in a good way.

What NOT to Wear
DISCLAIMER: You do You Boo.

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Embroidery detail takes away from cut of shirt. It's loud and obnoxious, and it makes it look cheaply made.

These are only some of the vast amounts of trends in denim and pattern this summer, but they are for sure some of my very favorites. I hope y'all enjoyed!

All the love, D