A list of 10 artists I picked from my music collection, which I think are amazing, and definitely worth looking into if you haven't already...

Just discovered Skott this past week from a youtube recommendation and fell in LOVE with the few songs they do have out.
My two favourite songs by them are: "Amelia" and "Porcelain" (away remix) but I also like "Mermaid" and "Wolf" tied for second place.

Mother Mother
Love Mother Mother even more now that their newest album "No Culture" came out. Liked their older stuff too, but this new album I've been totally obsessed with ever since it came out...and still am! There literally isn't a single song I don't like on it, much like most of their music, which is rare.
My favourites would have to be: "The Drugs" and "No Culture" with "Mouth of the Devil" and "Back in School" tied for a close second. But all the songs are so good and definitely worth checking out! Love how they experiment with their style.

A few good songs, which I all kind of like equally: "Running with the Wolves", "Murder Song(5,4,3,2,1)", "Runaway" and "I Went Too Far"

`Have been listening to Daughter for years now, ever since I heard "Youth" and a few of her other first songs from the "Wild Youth EP". She is another one of those artists where I can scarcely think of a single song I don't enjoy! One of my ultimate favourites by her is her demo "Run" but there are so many of her earlier songs I'm also still obsessed with to even list...pretty much ALL of them to be honest!

Some newer stuff of hers (not new like this year or anything, but more recent than her first releases that I mentioned) that I've been listening to though are: "Doing the Right Thing", "Numbers" and "No Care" from her album "Not to Disappear". Another song I discovered more recently called "Burn It Down" I really enjoy.
I still go back and listen to her music from years ago though, and to this day it never gets old for me! <3`

Funeral Suits
A few favourites: "Colors Fade", "We Only Attack Ourselves" and "Tree of Life". All great songs to add to a playlist.

Radical Face
Favourite would be: "Welcome Home"

My favourite would have to be "Silhouettes" and I like the bass boosted version. Also really like: "Tomorrow", "Rainfall" (Echos & Nightcall)" and "Haunt". They have a great indie/electronic vibe.

Faith Marie
Just discovered her recently and was absolutely hooked!!
Favourite song: "Antidote" which is hauntingly beautiful and I find the lyrics quite relatable. (Lyrics are super important for me in choosing music I like...not going to be as interested in a song about something shallow or with little substance writing wise) This song is definitely in my top 5 favourites overall right now :)
She has two other really great original songs: "Devil on my Shoulder" and "Little Girl" and also does an AWESOME cover of "Drown" (by BMTH)

K Flay
Like her style, it's different. Top favourites by her would have to be: "Less Than Zero" and "Make Me Fade". Some other good ones are: "Can't Sleep", "FML", Fvcking Crazy", "Cops" and "Dreamers". I love a lot of her songs and just her music style in general. I find it unique. She collaborates with different artists and does several good vanic remixes.

Oh Wonder
Have liked them for a few years now. Just noticed recently that they had a new album "Ultralife" come out.
The songs "Ultralife" and "High On Humans" are my top two faves from that album, but "Lifetimes" and "My Friends" are quite good as well.
...Then there are some of my older favourites: "Technicolor Beat", "All We Do" and "White Blood". They have so many quality songs :)

Feel free to check out these artists & songs...I highly recommend them! Enjoy. <3 I plan on doing more music & playlist articles in the future, so if you enjoyed this list, you can follow me or my articles collection. If it isn't your thing, no worries...I won't be offended! lol I plan on making an attempt to write daily. Will be doing a variety of articles, a lot of which will be my creative writing & poetry, but will be covering a whole range of topics. Music. Fashion. Beauty. Books. Issues. Aesthetic. Life. Etc...Just whatever comes into my head :P Thanks for reading!! Xx