Harry Potter is definitely my favorite book series.
I am already on the second book and i finished the first one in only 2 days.
When i love a book you will not see me reading anything else but that book or series. Anyway lets get on with the actual report!

Main Person: Harry Potter

Main Character sidekick or companions: Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

Main Idea: A boy named Harry Potter goes to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin when his parents die. They all hate him and treated him like an animal. He has no idea that he is a wizard until one day, a giant man named Hagrid brings him a letter from Hgwarts The School Of Witchcraft and wizardry and Hagrid tells him the truth, that he is a wizard. Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts and soon makes two new best friends and many friends, enemies, and aqqaintances. Harry potter eventually goes up against his worst enemy, Lord Voldemort.

I hope you enjoyed reading my report! Sorry about it being so short...
Bye!!! On the cover btw im the one on the right. That was a long time ago. It is me and my little sister.