Hello, beautiful souls!
Whether you follow me or not, I decided to share with you some facts about me. Some of you already know me or maybe saw my account and know where I'm from, how old I am or what is my name. Anyway, if you'd like to know me better, this article is here for you!

#1 My real name is Michaela (or shorter Míša), but for those who don't speak in my language I prefer nickname Michel (spelling same as Michelle).
#2 I am from small country in the middle of Europe called the Czech Republic.
#3 I am currently 18 years old (I have birthday 11th August).
#4 I'm posting pictures on WHI since December 2014.
#5 My second account on We Heart It is @please_be_kind.
#6 I study graphic design, I am now in last (senior) year.
#7 My home is on the edge of Prague (the capital city of the Czech Republic).
#8 I love singing and dancing, unfortunately I'm not really good in it.
#9 I am huge animal lover (especially dogs and cats).
#10 I love traveling. My dream places to visit are Australia, New Zealand, any place in the USA, Brazil and Maldives.
#11 I am addicted to food.
#12 I love reading books and writing my own stories.
#13 My favorite series are Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones and tons of other series that I haven't watched yet.
#14 I like almost every kind of music, but I prefer catchy songs that I can sing along.
#15 I like making new friends. I am tolerant and honest, but when someone act the way I don't like, I can be very mean.
#16 I'm that type of person who's always cold, so my favorite season of the year is summer.
#17 Things that scare me are spiders, dolls, clowns and deserted places.
#18 I have a part-time job, I work in a yogurt bar (selling and prepairing frozen yogurt, coffee, shakes etc.).
#19 I struggled with eating disorder.
#20 Natural colour of my hair is brown, but I dyed them to ginger.
#21 I have a boyfriend. We will have 2nd anniversary soon.
#22 My best friend's name is Tereza, we know each other since we were children.
#23 My favorite colours are purple, grey and black.
#24 I adore English girl group Little Mix.
#25 My life dream is to write and sell my own book.

I hope these facts helped you to make an image about me. If you'd like to know me even better, there's nothing easier than contacting me on my email hanibalka2011@gmail.com or sending me a postcard. I'm looking forward to your messages❤