Do you have pimples? Oil skin? Dry Skin? Read this article! ♥
There are several steps to have a nice and soft skin, and depending on your skin type there are different masks with NATURAL INGREDIENTS!!

Exfoliation is very important to remove dead cells and debris that are on our face. In the case of having makeup also they are removed in this step.
♥ Mix 1 tbs of honey / yogurt + 1 tbs of coconut / olive oil + 2 tbs of sugar. ((If you have oily skin you can also add 1 tbs of coffee))
♥ Massage for the entire duration of the face and wash with warm water.
♥ Dry the face with paper. The towel contains bacteria.

Step 2: MASKS
Depending on our skin type it is important to use natural face masks to treat our skin. Each one leaves a luminous finish on the face.
♥ For dry skin: Mix 1 tbsp honey + 1 tbsp almond oil / coconut / olive oil + egg yolk
♥ For oily skin: Mix 2 tbs of honey + 1 tbs of oats
♥ For mixed skin/blackheads: Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee + milk to make the preparation between liquid and thick
Each of them is allowed to act between 10 and 20 minutes. They are removed with warm water and dried with a paper.

To close the blackheads and remove spots on the skin for all skin types.
♥ Mix egg white with a little squeezed natural lemon juice. Leave on face until dry and remove with COLD water. Dry with paper.

As a last step we will moisturize our face with a facial cream. In case you have very dry skin, at night you can put a little coconut oil or almonds and sleep with it put.

Additionally if you have some product recommended by your doctor for something particular, it is obvious that you can use it! As for example I use a point cream for my gpimples and a shower exfoliant.

I also leave a recipe for a FACIAL TONIC that serves to:
♥Remove bacteria and dirt from the face
♥ Remove your makeup
♥ Leaves your skin free of fat
Put in a bowl or until a cup of boiling water (approx 100ml) + 6 tbs of white / organic rice
Leave it in the container until the water is cool/room temperature. The liquid is going to save you and the sea an atomizer jar or any jar. It can be applied with a cotton.