I´m feeling a little bit obsessed with this Gucci`s shirt. Its so classic and simple but have this colors that works so good together.
Now i want to share with you guys my favorites outfits with this shirt.

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can i say that i love this embroidered jacket? you know, Gucci have the most beautiful denim collection that i have ever seen.

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can you hear me crying for the money i have not got yet?

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luxury, luxury, luxury.

Temporarily removed

this shirt with red skirt... so simple, so damn beautiful.

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this woman know what i am talking about.
P.S. can i go to my dream work like her?

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Navy feelings, baby.

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with this outfit, you can found me at The Nice Guy. haha.
lol no.

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what can i say about this black one? dream.

So... basically, i wrote a article to talk about one shirt from Gucci. i wanted to lie, but i can not. i`m a Gucciholic. I`m so sorry, mom.