Another week has now passed and once again I’m in my bed alone with my thoughts. All I can think about is how much I miss the life I had one year ago. I was happy then and now I don´t even know how to describe how I´m feeling.

All my friends are out partying and here I´m in my bed alone. The apartment is so quiet now that I´m the only one at home. My grandma is still not home. She is still in the hospital. Still fighting and I miss her. I miss her smile, her voice I miss everything about her and I hope she gets better soon.

I miss my best friend. I spoke to him today at school. He didn’t seem as angry as before but he faked being sick when I asked him if we could meet up after school to talk. Now he is with the rest of my "friends" everyone ignoring my Snapchats. I have a feeling that I have lost him forever.

But I really hope I haven´t.