I have a binge eating problem. I have depression and anxiety. Overall i have a problem with SELF LOVE. I know that i am not the only one. Every day I refuse to look myself in the mirror... Thinking I am fat, I am ugly and just not good enough.. I always believed that people around me are my enemies but then I realised that I am my worst and biggest enemy. I have the power of making decisions yet somehow I don't use that power. I let other people tell me who I am, I let the broken past of me tell me who I am instead of deciding that for myself. I lock mysef in bathroom running away from people not realising that I may be able to run away from people but I am not able to run away from myself. I am the cause of my own problems but I am also the solution. When I realised those thing I realised that what you give power to has power over you and I decided instead of hating myself, overeating myself, being depressed, I decided that it is time to get moving. We will all die one day. No one knows when will that happen, but it will, so the only time that we have is the time that is given to us today, Every minute spent can't be taken back. I decided that I am not happy with who I am now and it is time to change. Every day we have a chance for a new start. It's time to take control, so I tell you and encourage you... Let's do it together! Let's change, not just us but the world, let's teach self love and love in general instead of hate and war. Let's teach how to be better people. LET'S BE BETTER PEOPLE!

P.S. remember before you love anyone else, you have to love yourself!