I've never jumped off a cliff. But I imagine it is like every other challenge we confront ourselves with.

There's just one big difference: when you want to jump off a cliff, you get scared once you're already on top of it. It's not like that with other things.

Other things scare you before you even start to climb.

They're right in front of you, just waiting for you to climb them. And the climb scares you because you don't know what there will be once you reach the top of the mountain.

You don't know whether there is going to be a beautiful sight spreading itself out in front of you or whether there's just going to be a long, dark road, leading to the next mountain, the next climb uphill.

Climbing up, you have those moments when you just break on the inside.
You're stuck because you don't have any idea why you're doing this anymore. Why are you climbing up a hill, not knowing what will meet you on its top? Why are you taking all this pain upon yourself for a result, which may cause you even more pain?

Motivational quotes tell you to "take the risk or lose the chance", to try, because "if you never try you'll never know".

And never mind how well you know all of these sentences to be true, never mind how much you praise them on your good days, once the shadows gather around you again, it all doesn't matter anymore. Then there's just you, your anxiety, the fear of failure and the voice inside your head that tells you you're not good enough and you'll never make it.

A person who's advice and opinion is very important to me once told me that these feelings are good. They only become bad when you let them destroy you and stop you from getting up again.

Those words don't suggest anxiety is a good thing, they don't mean it is a good thing to lock yourself up in a hole of overthinking and fear. What they mean is, that you can turn those feelings into something else.

You're scared of failing? Then turn this fear into ambition and don't let it drag you down.

That's what they mean for me. They may mean something completely different for someone else, but that's what I see in them.

I'm scared of climbing, but I won't let this fear stop me from reaching the top, even if I don't know what will wait for me there.

It's not easy for me to write these words and even harder it is to follow them. But weheartit has had a special place in my life for quite a while now and I often turn to it and its community when I need motivation, inspiration or simply some nice pictures to lighten up my day.

That I now am able to write on here too makes it even better. I write a lot and often I need to write down how I feel, because there's almost no better way for me to express it in a way, that truly makes me realize what I actually feel.

I share these words with you because I know that I'm not the only person feeling that way and maybe, my words can help others. And even if they don't, maybe they'll just tell them that they're not alone with their thoughts.

All the best! - @Phantasyia

PS: English is not my maternal languages, so I'm sorry for any faults