this is going to be a list of all the books i have read this year and i will include my opinions. i'll try to keep it up to date, too!! (this got a lil long oops!!)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

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i started this year by finishing the hp series. if you haven't read it, you're really missing out. my heart beats for harry potter. it has honestly helped shape who i am. because this is the 6th book, i am not going to include a summary because i don't want to spoil anything from the other books!! 10/10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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again, i am not adding a summary because of the above reason. this is probably my second favorite hp book (my first being hp and the order of the phoenix). 10/10!!!

The Book of Ivy

Ivy is forced to marry the president's son, Bishop, and her mission is to kill him. she is to do this so she can restore her family's legacy. this is a dystopian duology that I read for an English assignment. parts of it are predictable and a little cliche, but overall i really enjoyed it! 7/10

The Revolution of Ivy

this is the sequel to the book of ivy. i found it a lot more interesting and enjoyable than the first book, but again there were some predictable moments. 8/10

We Were Liars

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oh my gosh!!!! if you have not read it i really really recommend you do. i could so not see the ending coming. it is the type of book you never want to put down, almost all parts of it are attention grabbing. a brilliant, damaged girl and a passionate, political boy. a group of four friends, the Liars, friendship turns destructive. a suspense novel including an accident and a secret. must read!! 10/10

Made For You

eva wakes up in the hospital knowing someone just attempted to kill her. who in her small town could have hit her with their car? she can't consider the question because she's realized she gained a new power... she can foresee people's deaths when they touch her. ok this one is pretty weird, but it is really interesting. throughout the book i tried to figure out who the killer was but had no luck, but at the end it was clear. 8/10

Some Boys

grace meets ian and she's afraid she'll reject her, like everyone else after she cried rape on the town's golden boy, zac. ian doesn't reject her, instead he gives her the courage to fight back. he's also zac's best friend. part of this bothered me with how whiny grace got at times (not about the rape!! about other things) but overall it was interesting and the author did a good job addressing such a serious topic

Torn Away

jersey loses everything when a tornado hits her midwestern town. as she is struggling with her grief, she is sent to live with relatives she doesn't know. can she discover there are things no tornado could ever destroy? i'm going to be completely honest and say that i hated this book. i thought it was so boring and the story wasn't very entertaining to me, but if it sounds good to you go ahead and give it a whirl!! 4/10

To Kill a Mockingbird

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atticus defends a black man accused of rape and teaches his children about prejudice. not explaining this one a lot because almost everyone knows this one!! i read it for english class and i was very impressed by it. the story was deep but also entertaining.9/10

Call Me By My Name

tater henry has experienced much prejudice in his small Louisiana town in the 1960s. desegregation in the town was going slowly. tater made friends with twins, rodney and angie. rodney and tater become unstoppable on the football field, and angie grows closer to tater. i really loved this book!! it is very entertaining and also a really real topic. a lot of it is about sports just an fyi!! 9/10


on the mysterious island of nil, the rules are set. you have 365 days to find a way to escape, or you die. 17 year old charley wakes up on nil and meets thad. she realizes leaving the island and loving someone are harder than she thought. oh my gosh!! i loved this book so much!! it was so interesting and the ending is crazy!! there are 2 books following it i believe, but i have yet to get to them. 10/10

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

nobody gets charlie. his only friend is dead when he enters freshamn year. he meets two seniors who change his world. they make him feel included. they make him feel love. i read this in one day i could not put it down!! it is very short and a quick and entertaining read and i so recommend reading it. also the movie is very good too!! 10/10

This Raging Light

her dad went crazy and her mom ran away. she is left to take care of her little sister, and it is so not the time for her to fall in love. but she does, with her best friend's brother, digby jones. i liked this a lot!! it was cute and touched on some important topics. this an incredibly easy book to read (not even kidding the font is like size 16) and it flies by. the ending is so sweet too!!

All the Bright Places

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finch is fascinated by death. violet lives for the future. when they meet at the edge of the bell tower, it isn't clear who saves who. finch can only be himself around violet, and violent can forget about counting away the days when she is with finch. this books is an emotional roller coaster let me tell you!!! i loved it so much both finch and violet are such interesting characters.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

not even going to give a summary because I hated it so much. the humor was awful and i just couldn't relate to any of the characters or feel like the troy was interesting. this is definitely a you hate it or you love it book. in my case, i hated it. like a 1/10

Young Man With Camera

i only read this because my grandma wanted someone to talk to about it. a boy who likes photography takes photos of all sorts of things, and one day he captures a crime being committed. it changes his life. it is an okay book and it has pictures!!! sometimes it was interesting, and sometimes it was pretty boring. 6/10

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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bet you thought i was done w/ hp!! i don't see why everyone hates this, i thought it was okay. i loved scorpious and albus so much. also i love how draco is like he became a better person i think. it takes place 19 years after the last book!! read it!! also it is in play format 10/10

Will Grayson Will Grayson

two boys, both named will grayson, meet on a cold night in chicago. their worlds collide and intertwine. with pushs from friends will and will build towards romantic turns-of-heart and the most awesome high school musical. this is not a very good summary but the book is very good!! the characters are hilarious (tiny cooper, my maaaan!!!). the ending is sweet and i totally recommend it!! 8/10

Swallowing Stones

you can't change the past... michael never expects his shot fired on july 4th will kill a man, but it does. his life begins to fall apart. when jenna's dad is killed on the fourth of july, she is devastated. she wonders why a boy named michael keeps appearing in her dreams... not gonna lie, this book sounds a whole lot better than it actually is. i didn't particularly like the author's style. it was an ok book but i wouldn't necessarily recommend it. 6/10

until next time!!
-lauren (: