Hi beauties! It's Taylia again and as you can see I have made a few changes to my account. I have decided to make my account a blogging account about my life and other interesting things about my African American roots. The blog is called Insecurities Of Imperfect Black Girl. Sound familiar? The title is inspired by Issa Rae's MissAdventures of Awkward Black Girl. I love, love, love her book! If you haven't read it, you need to!

The reason why I have titled it this is because, while reading Issa Rae's book, I found that we are very alike. Like the situations she has been in, the decisions she has made, and our personalities are just alike! In my blogs I will talk about things in my life under a very relevant topic. Example: "Race?", which is an actual topic in the blog, is a topic I will frequently bring up.

Look out for those! If you have any concerns, questions, advice, etc. feel free to message me and I will gladly post. If you want a private answer, I will gladly respond!

Thank You!

Your Imperfect Black Girl