with all my heart to myself ( and everyone who needs it)

I know you can´t find the way to express yourself, to explain yourself the way all the things you do, think or say are not enough to represent what are you really feeling.

You have to stop living your life for others and start thinking abouth you.It´s hard and you are afraid, but is a step you have to take.

Is worthless your intentions to make it better if you let people decide your mood, in this moment of your life no one is for you and you have not to be for anyone.

that does not mean there is not love arround you, there is much more things to be happy for, to be proud of and to fight for.

from the deepest love of my heart I tell you, this is not over, please dont give up on yourself, make a promise to you again: come back to be that beautiful spark of joy and hapiness for your own good.

Bring that peace to all who needs it but instead of dying giving a part of you for them, grow everyday more and let others grow with you.

Winston Churchill said "if you’re going through hell, keep going" keep it that in mind every single momento you feel you are too afraid to stand up and then stand up again, shine brighter, be stronger.

some day in some point we gonna remember all the things we go through and we gonna be pleased for all the acquired knowlegd.

This is just the beggining for a better way to live.