Calum is so talented that it hurts. It hurts because when you look closely at him you realise that people don't give him enough credit for what he really does.

Calum isn't just a bassist. He's such a talented person because not only does he play the bass, but he also sings like a fucking angel. And it's not just the fact that he can sing well, it's the fact that he can sing whilst playing the bass. For those of you who don't know - which I'm sure is probably a small amount, if any - Calum plays the bass and sings at the same time, hitting notes as if he could do it in his sleep, while his fingers play an instrument, at the same time.

So, some of you are probably sat there thinking "Why the fuck is this complete moron banging on about the fact that Calum can sing and play bass at the same time?" and that's what I'm gonna tell you.
Whilst Luke and Michael ( another two extremely talented human beings whom I equally love as much as anyone else in the world, so please don't take this the wrong way because I love those two with all of my heart - and Ashton, don't think I've forgotten about him - and I know that they are inhumanly talented too) can play the guitar and sing well, it's a little more impressive - in some respects - that Cal can play the bass and sing at the same time because his mouth is singing thing, while his fingers play the exact opposite to what his mouth is. This means that his brain is probably working overtime to make sure that he doesn't mess up what his hands are doing and what his lips are doing - don't think about it like that you dirty little children - as they are both doing the complete opposite to each other. Then again, for Calum his brain probably isn't working overtime because he does his job so well that it's just second nature for him to do two contrasting things.

That probably didn't make any sense to those of you who don't think like I do - and let's be real, that's most of you because I am hardly sane - but what I'm saying is that Calum is a really talented guy - don't get me wrong, so are the others - and he deserves a little more praise because when you think about in depth, he does a lot more than we give him credit for.