Lately I have been inspired to become a better person, now this doesn't mean I am necessarily currently a bad person but the you should always strive to be better than the person you were yesterday. I was listening Everybody, an album by a musician named Logic where he speaks about racial inequalities and practicing peace, love, and equality regardless of race, sexual orientation, or religion. And while I do practice this, the way he explained it made me realize that there is much more that I could be doing that I am not. I also realized that I hold my own biases and predispositions about certain kids of people. It sucks to say that but it's the truth. But that is about to make every best effort to change because this school year and every day here on out I am going to make an intentional effort to be kind, courteous, and understanding towards all humans. Because at the end of the day that's what it boils down to. The fact that we are all human.
And fixing the problems in today's day and age doesn't start by criticizing others for not changing it. It starts with you putting in that first step to change yourself and the way you are and then helping to guide other people into being the change as well.
And together we can all overcome hatred and bigotry and strive to make a world where everyone is equal. Where everyone has the unalienable rights to love and be loved an to exist in peace.
I love humans and I think we are all incredible beings with so much potential and that's part of what makes me a great friend is that I do care so much and I do see that potential and I will never stop supporting my friends and my family and loving them all with my heart.
And it is time to start acting like it.So next time you see someone struggling, I encourage you to ask "How can I help?" and be kind and take a few minutes out of your day for someone else