Hello WHI Community!
This is my first #article ever and I'm loving it so far! This is a small list of all the big things I want to eventually accomplish in my life. I've been under #corporateAmerica's ugly shadow since I graduated high school and have never had the time or money to live out my #dreams in real life. But I feel like all this is about to change soon.

Who says your #thirties can't be the best years of your life?!

So without further ado, here is my #lifesbucketlist

Chase a tornado

Image by hecate

See the Hope Diamond

blue, hope, and rock image

Go to an Opera

architecture, opera, and paris image

See the Northern Lights

green, northern lights, and sky image

Buy my dream car with cash

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Have a successful blog

blog and blogging image

Ride shotgun in a race car

car, cat, and freak image

Shoot a sniper rifle

Image by Julies

Learn archery

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Go to Versailles

architecture, versailles, and vintage image

Visit a lavender field

flowers, mountain, and purple image

Design a wedding dress

Meet a 1000 year old tree

Image by lari_tarii