Big, soft, cozy sweaters are my favorite clothing piece of all time, they so comfy and pretty and they just keep you so warm when the temperature is the coldest outside.

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In the evening, we all know it's very dark fast and very cold outside. So we lay down in our seat, trow a big and warm blanket on us with a hot cup of tea ( or chocolate milk). Watch a good movie or serie on netflix that you like ( i recommend downton abbey if you like period drama's).

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I just love making my own scary outfit and look what other people wearing. I also really love the docoration people have around and in their houses, i'm always so sad when it's over. And not let's forget the candyyyyy.

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Light on candles, getting comfy and get the perfect book for fall.
lovely books you must read!
- Anna and the french kiss - Stephanie Perkings.
- Girl online going solo - Zoe Sugg.
- I'll give you the sun - Jandy Nelson.
- Jane eyre - Charlotte Bronte.

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I love how the leaves change color and fall of the tree. You can make beautiful wood walks and take pretty pictures in your favourite outfit.
I also really love the song the falling leaves from frank sinatra it really calms me down.
the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF8z5fJfvgM

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what do you like about autumn? xxx