come, come to me.
let me show you what i see.

listen, listen up.
i want to let you know how i feel, when it's rough.

sit here, sit down next to me.

i always thought that i couldn't be free.

like the stars, so high.

i didn't think.
i really did not think.

so i said goodbye.

some told me to stay, some told me to go
and because i didn't think, i went with the flow.

oh no, how wrong i was.
i hurt the persons, the ones i love.

they were scared, they were sad,
trying to understand what i didn't had.

but most shit,
was the thought, if everything had've gone different.

they'd be broken,
they'd be suffering.

drowning themselves in the thoughts of why they weren't enough.

now i am the one stuck in questioning why i didn't see all this love.
the love i craved, the love i advantely already had.