to; you

Those blue eyes. Just like the ocean surrounded by us. But not cold. Oh your eyes were far from cold. They sprinkled as a starry night. As a shooting star. And I like how shooting stars became our thing. Shooting stars to look for. Shooting stars to wish upon. Shooting stars to kiss underneath.

A short love story. But oh how a marvelous love story. And I know this isn´t the last of you and I.

The differences between us makes me laugh up to this day. You were so innocent and shy. I the other hand couldn´t stop talking. It was like you were my magnet. I couldn´t stop myself. I wanted to talk about everything. I wanted to know you. And I knew if I left without doing so, I would regret it with every atom there is in my body.

The similarity between us still makes me think that we will fall just as easily in love the next time we meet, as the first time. You surprised me with everything. I couldn´t possibly think I would meet a boy who were everything I wanted. It still surprises me one year later. If I´m allowed to dream, I still picture us in Paris. I still picture you playing to me with your guitar. And I still picture us ten years from now.

Oh so lovely. Oh so once in a life time.

I will tell you one thing, shooting stars actually makes dreams come true. Trust me.

travel image
This is not my picture, but as you can tell by the picture – we met in Greece.

I have been meaning to write this for a long time, but something has stopped me. Probably because I´m scared for different things to happen, but you know what. I told you I would keep things straight with you. But you can decide whether this is a dream, or reality.