I remember someone once told me I am easily amazed, just because I said I believe it is amazing how we exist, just the fact that somehow my heart is beating right now, by itself; that my lungs are using the oxygen from the air to produce energy for my legs to move; how each of my muscles react with just one single thought; the fact that I am thinking; the fact that I am able to see this screen; the fact that we all have different minds; how can woman carry a baby on their belly and how this baby grows, from being nothing, to having a heart and a soul; how the stars move; how the universe is so endless, the word impossible, shouldn’t even exist.

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I find extraordinary how we move, how we think, how we love, and how we exist, and I find even more exquisite how we, with our brains, created this, the world we live in, how we created some machine that is able to project images from anywhere and anytime, live, in tiny computers, how we are able to talk to someone who may be at the other side of the world, how the sound of music is transported to our ears by wireless earphones, how we created a world with no limits.

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Existence itself is unique.

And sometimes, it seems only I realize how fantastic this is.