Hi friends! ✨

This new article function seems like a great way to enhance our WHI experience, and a nice way to give a small amount of insight into who we are behind the screen. And I thought, what better way to show who we are than to share our music?

So, "Songs From Friends" is a thing where I'll share a few song recommendations from my friends and myself. Since I can't keep my opinions to myself I'll share mine, and theirs too, on them so you can get a general feel before you listen to them. That way, if it doesn't sound like your kind of music then you don't need to hear it.

I only told some of my friends what I was actually doing with their recommendations, the others who didn't know just kind of went along with my insistence on their opinions on the songs anyway (something that really amused me). A couple were slightly confused once I tried to explain what WHI is but the rest really liked my idea and were quite enthusiastic about sharing so here goes...

Right then, to the songs!

Song Title: "Black Mambo"
Artist: Glass Animals
Album: Zaba
Genre: Indie / Psychedelic Pop
Friend: Wiley - 'It's got a hazy quality to it that I really enjoy. The imagery really takes you somewhere.'
NKN: It's either a four-minute drug reference or being out-matched in a game of strategy. Either way, it's catchy.

Song Title: "Sexy Ladies"
Artist: Superfruit
Album: Future Friends Part One
Genre: Synthpop / Dance Pop
Friend: Jay - 'This is for your thing on the internet, right? Cool. This one is my favorite from their album, but the whole thing is golden. You should tell everyone to check them out if they don't know who they are.'
NKN: Okay, Jay. If you don't know who Superfruit are, they're a duo who are also members of the A Capella group Pentatonix. Scott and Mitch, the two members who make up Superfruit, also have a youtube channel of the same name. They're super funny and talented and I'm obsessed with them. (Here's a link! ~ www.youtube.com/user/sup3rfruit)

Song Title: "Blue Moon Motel"
Artist: Nicole Dollanganger
Album: Ode to Dawn Wiener: Embarrassing Love Songs
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Friend: Red - 'She has a darling voice, doesn't she?'
NKN: Don't be fooled by Nicole's sweet voice, her lyrics to most of her songs while romantic are quite sexual. That being said I do like her style, her music is very pretty.

Song Title: "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea"
Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Album: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Genre: Indie Rock / Psychedelic Folk
Friend(s): Tripp & Jo & Chib - 'NMH is just so good. More people should hear them.' (T)
NKN: This is the only song that these three have in common. Tripp is always trying to push Neutral Milk Hotel, he really loves them. Jo likes them too but he's more reserved about it.

Song Title: "Billionaires"
Artist: Sizzy Rocket
Album: Hot Summer
Genre: Alternative Pop
Friend(s): Jetta & Lupe
NKN: She's got aggressive vocals but the song is real catchy. I can't deny that. I like it. It's J & L's anthem at the moment, they sing it all the time.

Song Title: "Scorpio Rising" and "Babylon" (he couldn't choose)
Artist: Puro Instinct
Album: Autodrama
Genre: Fantasy Dream Pop / Synthpop
Friend: Z - 'The vocals are gauzy, the lyrics melancholic, and the overall feel of the songs is dark. In short: perfect. They are my new favourites.'

Song Title: "Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Ono Lennon)"
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Lust For Life
Genre: Indie
Friend: Michel - 'It both stirs and settles my emotions. The longing is so evident in it.'
NKN: This song is beautiful with it's wistful undertones and Lana and Sean's flawless vocals. Lana always manages to put all of us in our feels. It may be sad but this song relaxes me.

That was Songs From Friends! I hope everyone liked it. I apologize if it was long-winded, or the layout was confusing. I may continue to do more of these, so if you like it let me know!

Thank you for reading!
~ Nkn ❤

P.S ~ All songs can be found on Spotify ✨