So you failed that last exam?

Then don't make the same mistake by learning from it! You're more likely to remember something you got wrong after you've seen why you did!

You didn't get that job?

Then get off your lazy bum and do things that make them wish they hired you. Take up an apprenticeship, do some volunteering, get your blood pumping with a sport or even do take your hobby one step further (write? try and get your article published. paint? enter your work to an art exhibition. love to bake? GREAT! People love sugar so open up a stall for a day and sell).

And lets not forget that latest update that you couldn't read or watch because it was still not translated in your language?

I think its time you picked up another language my friend.

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade? - Elbert Hubbard
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Why lemons and why lemonades?

I have no idea.

But what i do know is that it is possible to turn every bad, dark situation that makes you feel like you're dragging your legs and body through a river of sickly, thick, sweet honey to a good and positive one.

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From every bad mistake you make, a lesson can be learnt.
From every challenging situation, YOU will grow.

Just think about it.

That annoying sibling who is constantly getting on your nerve is actually testing your patience and self-control (and they REALLY test it). Use this not to retaliate and fall into a pit of negativity, but to teach yourself to remain calm.

You'll find then if you're put into a situation at work with an irritating college or a classmate who won't do their part or maybe even a stranger who's walking slowly in front of you (okay we all know any self-control is thrown out of the window in that situation) you'll be a lot calmer, allowing you to deal with the situation better.

And trust me when I say, in the world we live in we all need as much patience and self-control as we can muster.

Stay positive. Stay smiling.

-Missy x