heyo i'm lauren!! i wanted to formally introduce myself because before now you only knew me from my hearts!!

my name is lauren, i'm fifteen and i just started my sophomore year in high school. i have two brothers, a twin and one 15 months younger. i live in st. louis, mo. someday i hope to move away (college and then definitely later in life!). i like watching baseball - go cardinals!! and i also like watching basketball, but only during march madness!!

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harry potter is my favorite book series. i love it with all of my heart. i deeply aspire to be like hermione and i do see parts of her in me. i look up to luna because she always stays true to herself. i absolutely adore ron, he's just a cutie and such a lovely character. and i love draco!! he is my favorite character probably. he's so complex and deserved so much better.

there are so many other books i like & i think i may make a "books i've read in 2017" article later!! give my opinions and stuff on them.

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tv shows

another thing i love so much is gilmore girls!! constantly watching it or playing gg trivia. it is so good and i love it so much. i want to be a lot like rory (and a little like paris) so its just really nice to watch. plus all the characters are so interesting and different so it is really entertaining. i love rory and lorelai's realtionship. also literati forever!!!

other shows i love include himym, pretty little liars, friends, switched at birth, the 100, grey's anatomy, & more


i love to read and binge watch tv shows (both proven above). i am a feminist. i love the color green. i need to drink a cappuccino every morning. dogs make me smile. i love thai food. i like all things 80s, especially ferris bueller. i like fuzzy socks and daisies. look at my collection "happy things" to see more things that i feel represent me!!

see you next time! lots of love
-lauren (: