In the past couple of months, my style has started to gravitate towards the more sporty, edgy fashion.
I've really been enjoying the laid back kind of style, especially since it's so comfy to wear.

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I am completely in love with this outfit. The hoops make everything a bit more glam.

I'm honestly so obsessed with the trend of wearing fishnets underneath a pair of boyfriend jeans, I think it adds just a whole different vibe to your outfit, without being too over the top. In the fall I enjoy pairing an outfit like you can see in the second picture with a leather jacket, I'm married to mine, a good leather jacket to me is an absolute staple piece.

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Incorporating athleisure pieces into a casual outfit makes it a lot more comfortable, which I appreciate when going back to school. Other than that, it just looks effortlessly cool.

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As for colours, I mostly wear neutral colours, but I enjoy spicing things up once in a while with a pop of red or yellow. (Scratch that, I would do that, if I owned something in those colours, anyways, the next time I go shopping, I'll be sure to buy some

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As you can probably tell, I really like monochromatic outfits, I'll try to wear more of them in the future

Also, how cool are those kinda shirt dresses?? Definitely will be adding those to my wardrobe (if I've got the money )

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I've got to obsessions : sneakers and black ankle booties. They're just so comfortable to wear and they can make your whole outfit. Whenever I wear a pair of black ankle boots, I just feel like a total boss, I just love them. Plus they're black, so you can wear them with basically everything.

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I hope you enjoyed my article, and have a nice day! ♡