Hi guys, i`m back! today i want to share with you my fashion´s basic favorites for Autumn. Well, most of you guys know that i`m Brazilian and here in my country the spring is coming, ha. but i wanted to write this article because i LOVE autumn and i love to share my opinion about fashion with you guys.
okay, let´s begin!


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cardigans are always a amazing bet for this season. It is very warm and comfortable and make a simple outfit looks great! if you want to be more stylish you can combine with a chic belt (i love the one´s from Gucci) or a corset belt!

Boots with small heels

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over the knee boots and high heels boots looks amazing in all outfits but in my opinion, in this season, the ones with small heels are better. they are more comfortable and you will feel more safer to walk in wet places.


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Alike the cardigans, sweaters are indispensable for autumn. it´s looks amazing in outfits but this material is so comfortable and warm. you can`t think only about the style, okay?


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If you read my last article, you will know that i love hats. but for this season the beanies are better. in autumn we have so much wind and you hat can fly away. and again, you need to feel warm and comfortable.

Leather Jacket

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The most powerful item for your closet in all season can´t stay out of this list! it´s fantastic how this thing looks great in everything! don´t have afraid to use one to go out but do it with long sleeved blouses.

(Fake) Fur

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You can`t look more fabulous that when you wear fur. but i really prefer the fake ones.you are not the only one who wants to stay warm, the animals wants too.
but if you don´t have money to buy a fur coat, choose a vest! but wear it with another piece to look more elegant.

Midi Skirt

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If you are like me, and love midi skirt, but think that you can`t wear them in this season, honey you are wrong! Midi skirts looks amazing with boots, cardigans and its length will make you feel more safe about the winds.

i hope you guys likes this article as much i liked write for you all!

All the love, K!