#1. Hermione Granger

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She is hands down one of the best book heroines EVER created. Her intelligence is her greatest asset, and I personally feel that if she wasn't at Hogwarts, Harry and Ron would be totally lost without her.

Some of her stand out moments:

Philosopher's Stone: she's the one that finds out about Nicholas Flamel and the stone itself.

Chamber of Secrets: has a bit of paper in her hand that's full of information on the Basilisk - even when she's petrified and unconscious, she still finds a way to help the boys out.

Prisoner of Azkaban: one word: Malfoy. Am I the only one that screamed with delight when this happened?! Here's a quick reminder:

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All in all, this is one magical bookworm that you want by side when the going gets tough.

#2. Isabelle Lightwood

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Not only is she one of my favourite characters in the Mortal Instruments series, but she is pretty badass too. She might come across as a bit of a princess, but she has a heart of gold and can totally kick some demon ass when necessary. She also manages to look good while doing it in some 5 inch heels (just don't eat anything she cooks).

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#3. Feyre Archeron

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Sarah J. Maas sure knows how to create great literary heroines. The reason I love Feyre so much is the fact she has a lot of heart - everything she does stems from her need to protect her family and those closest to her, even if it means making some pretty hard sacrifices in the process. She's also a great heroine because when she is basically put on house arrest by a certain douchy high lord, she doesn't take it lying down and finds a way to escape her situation, which then helps her to grow and thrive as a person. These qualities help make Feyre one of the best literary heroines out there.

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#4. Juliette Ferrars

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She might not be everyone's first choice when it comes to book heroines, but Juliette happens to be one of my favourites. One of my favourite things about her is the fact that she doesn't start off as the strong, independent girl - she has a journey throughout the Shatter Me series. When we first meet her, Juliette is being kept in captivity, convinced that she is a danger to society and deserves to be locked up. When she gets freed, she slowly begins discovers that she is worthy of people's affections and that she's not a monster. By the end of the series, she is totally different from the small, fragile girl she used to be.

#5. Elizabeth Bennet

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A classic heroine from a classic book, this Bennet sister packs a punch. At the time Pride and Prejudice was published, it was a young woman's unofficial obligation to get get married to a (reasonably) rich husband as soon as she was out in society. This is obviously present in Austen's novel, but Elizabeth openly rebels against this, even saying that she'd rather marry for love than for money or status. In addition to this, she is a strong, opinionated young woman, clearly breaking the mound when it came to women in the Victorian era. Considering that the book and characters are still popular in the modern era, Elizabeth continues to be a great female role model today.

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