Hello everyone!
I wanted to introduce myself to all of you, wonderful people on We heart it.

My name is Alicia; I'm 17 and I live in France.
Daydreaming is my major hobby. But for my less abstract ones, I love writing, reading, listening to music, and cinema.
For the one who are interested in what I do in school, I'll start my last year of highschool in a few days. I'm in the art division with the options thourough english, english literature and philosophy.
I want to become a writer or a scriptwriter / director and if possible, be accepted in " l'école de la cité"; the school of Luc Besson.
And my biggest dream is to leave my country to settle in an english speaking country.
And also, something I couldn't not tell you; I 'm a huuuuuuge Marvel fan and I'm completely infatuated with its universe.

Thanks for reading my article, I hope to write more after this one. Feel free to send me messages, I 'll be glad to know you better XX Alicia