Some of us probably start to miss summer as soon as the temperatures drop, but one of the reasons I am looking forward to the more chilly weather in fall is of course: Fashion.
Here are some fall trends that might inspire your closet for the next few month...

1. Boots

boots black beauty black
There really is something for everyone. You can choose between a range of different styles like ankle boots or overknees and higher or lower heels.

2. Long coats

Superthumb fashion coat
They are effortlessly chic and easy to combine to every outfit from dresses and skirts to simple jeans.

3. Leather jackets

boots body fashion
It really is a no brainer, but leather jackets are also easy to combine. Instead of choosing a black one maybe go with one in burgundy or brown to match the falling leaves.

4. Texture

black fashion black bag
You can experiment with heavier materials like leather, knitwear or even velvet.

5. Colour

autumn autumn autumn autumn
Let nature inspire your fall wardrobe.