Let's face the issue. I know this is against many of the opinions expressed in this website but I feel like if we support freedom of expression we should be able to hear opinions other than the most "famous" or supported ones.

It is true that men and women should be treated the same way, of course. That is not even in the question. To say that they deserve equal treatment, equal rights and equal payments is not the same as saying that they are equal. Men and women are biologically different. They were made to be different. Their brain and their bodies work differently. Does that mean that men are better than women? No! Not at all. It just means they are different, and I think that should be clear to anyone.

Women are more tender, more deliberate, more intelligent, intellectually stronger, hard thinkers. Men, on the other hand, are weaker in this but are normally physically stronger. It is not up to us to decide wich one is better. They are just different, and women have over the years proven that their powers are able to sustain families, home chores, jobs and even support men in all of this, while man show that their characters are useful for many other things.

Of course there are exceptions. Women that are more physically than intellectually suited, and man that think much better than they run, for example. Let's not forget that even though we are animals, we're rational and so are brain can and will send different messages to our bodies, wich will result in different human beings, even if with similar constitution.

So, boys and girls should not be raised the same way! Boys should be able to do "boys" things: build tree houses, play football, run in the woods; and girls should be able to do girls things: paint, read, make clothes, just explore their creativity, because their biggest strength is in their minds! Of course if a boy wants to sew, let him. If a girl wants to run, let her. If a boy wants to paint, let him. If a girls wants to play in the dirt, let her. But first feed their minds with good things, build their character upon the way their brains originally work, and then, when they can already decide, then, let them choose! Let boys and girls become men and women in their own way, gentlemen and ladies with good hearts, that work differently but together!

Finally, this is not suppose to offend anyone. it's not supposed to stereotype, it's just an example. It is just my opinion! This a text made by a girl who enjoys to get her hands dirty, to play a good football game, and loves the colour blue. But I was always taught the difference between a girl and a boy!

P.S.: This is my first article! Sorry about the typos! English is my second language! Please send feedback via postcard!