In this review, I'll give my opinion about a stationary set designed by Diana Leeflang (YouTube channel (NL): disfordazzle). I bought a few things of the stationary set.

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Diana Leeflang

The stationary set

1) Travel set
2) Handletting set
3) Planner set
4) Notebook
5) Pins & patches
6) Stamps (with gold ink)
7) Stickers
8) Stoneware jar
9) Washi tape
10) Metal bulletins set
11) Metal tags and pendants
12) Bullentins hammer

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First opinion

In my opinion, it looks very good. At first sight, I thought it would be expensive, but it wasn't. It was very cheap. The plannerset and handletteringset were 4 euro's each. I bought the stickers, washitape and stamps as well. The only thing that disappoints me a little bit, was there's on almost everything the quote: every dream begins with a dreamer. I would have liked to see other quotes, more variety.

I like the combination of the pink books and gold lettering on it. Diana has lettered it by herself. It's her handlettering. I like that, because it makes the stationary set personalised to her.


I like the idea of the storage space in the diary. There are a lot of subjects to put stuff in. And the side of the diary has a zipper which you also can use as storage space.

The tabs have little doodles on it: small, cute plants. And there's a bundle paper you can exercise your handlettering on.

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Handletting set

- Cards + envelopes
- Labels
- Stickers
- Pencils (white and a normal one)
- Fineliners
- Instruction book

I really like the instruction book. It's explained easily, step-by-step, how to do handlettering. So everyone can learn how to do it.

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I also bought stickers, washitape and stamps. I'm satisfied about these little things. They are essentials for everyone who wants to keep a journal. Easy to use and very cheap. So I bought a few of them (except the stamps).

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Cute stamps with gold ink
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Washitape and stickers

I hope you liked my review.
Heart = yes.



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