Can we sail to the moon?
Let me take your hand,
A gesture that could be grand.

A world of our own,
Just us,
Am I out of my mind?
I don't want to make a fuss,
I just want to unwind,
And not seem superfluous.

I wear my heart on my sleeve,
Can give you the affection you won't believe.
I'll never want to leave
Your side,
I want to reave,
Your heart.

Can we sail to the moon together?
Over beyond yonder?
Forget every other soul,
They don't matter,
Just us,
For a stroll,
On the crescent.

Can we sail to the moon?
Please don't be blue,
How about dinner for two?
Just me and you?
Sigh, only if you knew,
About the things, I would do,
Only for you.

From here the earth,
Looks small.
You bring me such mirth,
Which not everyone can fulfill.

It's only us here,
Lend me your ear,
And let me say something sweet,
Which no one can beat.

You're my muse.
A chateau,
That my heart wanders in,
Looking for you within,
And watch my feelings grow.

Can we sail to the moon?
Just you and me?
Could I make you swoon?
In the world of our own,
That no one else can see.

Don't copy my work, please and thank you. -J