There are no words to describe how much I Love you. I know you from 2 years now and I've always knew I can trust you for everything and I can talk with you for everything. I don't know if there is more amazing or better person in my life than you. You're everything to me and and you will always be. I Love you as much as Jade loves Perrie, more than Luke loves Ashton. Thanks to you I found myself and I found who I really am. There are two most important thing is my life. One is music and second is you, but remember and never forget - you're my number one forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you're part of my life for 2 years so far. Thank you for always supporting me in very important things for me - music, writing, dancing, singing... everything. Thank you. I Love you more than words can describe. You're the one for me and you will always be. I wish I could make this longer but I don't know what more to say. You're the best. I Love you with all my heart & soul. Jerrie & Lashton forever!